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L'Asiathèque is a member of "Union des éditeurs de voyage indépendants" (Independent Travel Publishers Association) which brings together nine independent French-language travel publishers - five in Paris, three in different French regions and one in Brussels -, which seek to embody through their publications all the forms of travel:

  • historical or contemporary;
  • near or far;
  • by all means of travel;
  • in all geographic areas and within all cultures;
  • for artistic, humanitarian, intellectual or spiritual reasons.

Between them, they represent to date:

  • 1,552 titles published;
  • 1,409 titles available, including 1,405 from bookstores;
  • 964 authors;
  • 291 other contributors;
  • 73 collections established;
  • 22 titles in preparation or in the process of being reprinted.

All the curiosity on the world, in pages and images

Discovering the world through literature, history, travelogues or unpublished documents, old and contemporary

Books that go beyond words

Words and wonders to be discovered in stories and beaux-livres

Between stories, beaux-livres, essays and poetry, a reflection of the world in its diversity

The planet, source of inspiration for photographers, carnettists and authors of the magazine Bouts du monde

Travel stories, history, biographies, essays, mountain literature

The publishing house for long-haul travelers, who maintain a strong link with the human environment or the natural world

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