Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9782915255331
Collection : Les bilingues
12.5 x 18 cm
Weight : 330 gr
Pages : 336
First publication : 01/03/2011

Les contes facétieux du cadavre

Translation: Françoise Robin

The story of Les contes facétieux du cadavre (The Facetious Tales of the Corpse) is divided into twenty-four episodes which go along with Dechö-sangpo’s efforts to bring the corpse named Ngödrup-chän to his spiritual master. Wishing to return to his cemetery, the corpse knows that if he makes the young man talk he can regain his freedom, and does not cease to tease him with his fascinating stories. Dechö-sangpo, who cannot resist the temptation to comment on each of the stories, must refind Ngögrup-chän twenty-four more times. The public will find this text, translated for the first time, a charming introduction to traditional Tibetan culture.

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Françoise Robin

Françoise Robin, professor of Tibetan language and literature at Inalco, is co-author of Thematic vocabulary of spoken language French-Tibetan and translator of Contes facétieux du corpse, books both published in L'Asiathèque.