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ISBN : 9782360571871
Collection: 80 mots du monde
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Première publication : 23/05/2018

Mira Kamdar

80 mots de l'Inde

Telling India through her words, their history, their connotations, their daily use and their importance in relation to the major issues facing contemporary Indian society, but also to say how these words marked the author at different times of her life, here is what Mira Kamdar did in the column “The Word of India”, published in the journal Courrier International between 2009 and 2014. The book 80 words from India presents a selection of these words, and adds others to tell about India's culture, society, spirituality, politics and amazing natural world. Each word gives rise to a reflection that sheds light on a civilization that is several millennia old and on a republic which, somehow, is making its way as an emerging country in this complicated 21st century.