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ISBN : 9782911053115
Collection : Connaître le Japon
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Pages : 160
First publication : 04/12/2008
CLIL : 3640
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28 jours au japon avec Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir

18 septembre/16 octobre 1966

Translation: Claude Peronny, Chiaru Tanaka

The autumn of 1966 was marked not only by the American intervention in Vietnam, but also by the voyage of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir to Japan. In that period of existentialist questioning, Japanese women supporting female emancipation saw in Simone de Beauvoir a role model both envied and admired. This book retraces, day by day, the discoveries made by the two writers during their time in Japan, including the monuments and the sites, but also the daily life of the Japanese, their past-times, and their chores. One of the most defining moments of their trip was their visit to Hiroshima, from which both returned overwhelmed. Forty-five photos illustrate this account, a version of which was also published in Japan in 1995 by Dohosha Publishing. Asabuki Tomiko has reviewed and expanded this text for the French public. Also included in this volume is an essay by Ebisaka Takeshi on Sartre's influence in Japan, as well as a substantial bibliography illustrating the profound effects of this visit.

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